Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No, I am not making this stuff up:

Boy, 10, may face race hate crime charge

By David Sapsted
Last Updated: 2:00am BST 01/10/2007

Police are considering charging a 10-year-old boy with a race hate crime after he was beaten by a Slovakian woman with an iron bar.

Jake Stedman needed hospital treatment after the attack in Chatham on Friday, when he was allegedly beaten around the head and neck after being chased down an alley, and was left with two black eyes.

But police are now looking into claims from the 35-year-old woman who allegedly attacked him and who is currently on police bail, that he made racist remarks by telling her “to go back to her own country”.

If charged with racially aggravated assault, Jake, who has only just reached the age of criminal responsibility, would become the youngest person in the country to face a race hate charge.

Why does the Onion even feel the need to publish anymore? I recall an incident where a Frenchman was thrown in jail in Scotland because he disciplined his out of control child by spanking him. Now, in turn, a child throws a berry at someone, calls here a name, and she beats him with an iron bar to the point where he requires hospitalization, and he is being charged with a 'hate crime' and they don't even consider charging her!

Personally, I can see the need, particularly with boys for occasional, judicious uses of corporal punishment (I became familiar with my grandmother's switch one summer when i was being particularly unruly) but beating with an iron bar? This woman should be jailed and then deported, England and the civilized West does not need to continue to bring in people from cultures where this behavior is 'normal'. Perhaps it is not normal, perhaps, when ethnic groups begin to compete, it becomes normal.

In any event, has England gone mad? Do I really want an answer to that question?

If anything it shows just how inhumane and completely out of touch with reality our embracing of universalist concepts has become.

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