Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10, 732

From the general 'world view' (read anti-western) wikipedia:

The Battle of Tours (October 10, 732),[3] also called Battle of Poitiers and in Arabic معركة بلاط الشهداء (ma‘arakat Balâṭ ash-Shuhadâ’) The battle of The Court of Martyrs[4] was fought near the city of Tours, close to the border between the Frankish realm and then-independent Aquitaine. The battle pitted Frankish and Burgundian[5][6] forces under Austrasian Mayor of the Palace Charles Martel against an army of the Umayyad Caliphate led by ‘Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-general of al-Andalus. The Franks were victorious, ‘Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi was killed, and Martel subsequently extended his authority in the south. Ninth-century chroniclers, who interpreted the outcome of the battle as divine judgment in his favour, gave Charles the nickname Martellus ("The Hammer")

Multicultural France is reluctant to even mention this event or hero of the French people - oh I forgot, an immigrant from Algeliers is just as 'French' as a descendant of the Frankish. If it were not for this battle, Europe would have fallen under Muslim rule - as Spain did -for a thousand years - and mosques would have stood where our Cathedrals now stand...oh wait...that's what's happening now!....If ever the west needed the Hammer, it is now. But would even he be able to lull us from passivness, sheepishness, guilt and slumber?

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. The people of Europe have become complacent and need to look at history to ensure a new paradigm that looks like Spain's past doesn't happen to the rest of the continent.