Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tabu Oscar Nomination?

MN is pushing for it, according to this article::

Mira Nair to push Tabu's name for Oscars?

IANS | Monday, 24 September , 2007, 12:37

New York-based Indian filmmaker Mira Nair likely to push Tabu's name for an Oscar nomination this year. The talented actress played the central role in her film "The Namesake".

"She is definitely going to project Tabu as a potential best actress at the Oscars. Though Irrfan Khan is as good, if not better, the focus of Nair's Oscar campaign for her masterly study of the Indian diaspora is likely to be predominantly Tabu," said a source close to the project.

"Irrfan is excellent. But he lacks what the Americans are looking for in their Oscars recipe. Tabu is exotic, glamorous and mysterious. This is her first real exposure to the Western audience. And they're lapping up her Bengali act, thick accent and all. On top of that she's also wowing the westerners with her performance in 'Cheeni Kum'," added the source.

I think Irrfan's performance was more subtle but just as strong - but Tabu stole the show. I would like to see her nominated, but I don't think Indian film makers or actors should have to be 'validated' by Hollywood - especially since their output is often superior. At this point its kind of like Japanese automakers desiring an 'excellence in design' award from Detroit. Still, wouldn't mind seeing Tabs up on the podium thanking her friends and family - it would be nice, for once to see an actress with grace and dignity.

Here is an interview:

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