Friday, October 12, 2007

Fake "Divesity" vs Real Diversity

"Diversity" as an ideal, is a pretty silly 'goal', none the less it seems to be the obsessive focus of our so called elite. Usual, they like to plaster feel good images like this:

Sometimes, when they want to prove how edgy they are and of course offend some christians, a satonic star will be included. Wow. How DARING..... Of course, in reality, a real diverse, open tolerant sign would include the most sacred symbol to close to 1/6 the planet, thus:

Of course, "Donny" Deutsch would again be greatly offended. Funny how sensitive this edgy in your face, tough, anti-racist, multicultural, liberal, trendy hip guy is. Mention Jesus Christ or an ancient Hindu symbol and, well you'd think you flashed a Cross to Dracula.

Why don't diversity-mongers ever include a symbol so sacred to Hindus? Where's the tolerance and diversity? It's fake diversity- a sham. For those who don't know it's baffling to Hindus that we would even associate it with evil - as baffling as if someone told you the star on the American flag represented Satan and human sacrifice (well maybe it does these days). Yet it is not included because....?

Funny, in newly multicultural Britain, Hindus actually did want to display their sacred symbol, but where told that was not the sort of tolerance diversity that was meant when they said diversity.

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