Friday, October 5, 2007

Before Those Nasty Europeans Came, Native Americans Lived In Paradise:

...if you didn't mind human sacrifice:

Child mummies 'fattened up' before Inca sacrifice
Maev Kennedy

Tuesday October 2, 2007

Guardian Unlimited

The girl is slumped like a stoned teenager in a doorway, head drooping, hands folded in her lap: she has been dead for more than 500 years, and a team of international archaeologists and scientists, led by Dr Andy Wilson of Bradford University, has just pieced together the appalling last months of her life.

Like other children found on some of the highest peaks of the Andes, the mummy nicknamed the Llullaillaco Maiden had literally been fattened up for death, fed a much better diet in her last year including maize and meat, the luxury foods of aristocrats.

My goodness, fattening children before slaughtering them? This is like something out of a Grimms Fairy Tale. Human sacrifice, and at the very least a disregard for human life, was common among pagan peoples (observe the fairly common practice of sati and female infanticide in pre-Raj India) , while monotheistic, Abramahic faiths tended to regard souls as sacred, so both practices were all but unknown in the muslim and christian worlds. Who knows, with our return to multiculturalism and paganism, perhaps this another enriching aspect of diversity we can look forward to.

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