Tuesday, October 9, 2007

bhool bhulaiya

Crap. I can't even begin to pronounce it. I don't like the male lead, Askay somebody , a kind of second rate Tom Cruise...but the one saving grace...why I might see it, is Vidya Balan.
She had a stunning debut in Parineeta, and a nice follow up in a different role in the "Develop Don't Destroy, Bombay" movie, Lage Raho Munnabi, a minor part in the disappointing Eklavya, the even more disappointing Salaam E Isque, and from what i've heard, but not seen, the crappy Heyy Baby.

When she first debuted, the Indian press said how wonderful it was that a lead actress looked "Indian", which I took to mean not looking European, as most Bollywood actresses do - whether naturally via being half European, Iranian, or fair, or engineered with skin lighteners and light contacts. She naturally looked best in 'traditional' women's clothing...the attempt to gussy her up in heavy makeup and western clothes and actually play down her striking features in an attempt to make her look more European only made her look plain:

I think Vidya looks best when they just let her natural charisma, raidance and striking features come out, and not try to air brush her into something she's not. Viday looks good when they just let her be Vidya:

Look at those stunning eyes, hair, striking profile, beautiful smile -why try to hide it? As the bottom picture shows, Vidya looks best in all her Indian glory, bangles, saris, henna and all. Personally, I normally prefer, aesthetically, Northern European women, but Vidya is one of my favorite actresses, the way she carries herself is manifested through her features..and that's why she's a 'thinking man's beauty'.


Anonymous said...

It isnt just that she looks good in sarees or Indian costumes..whatever that means...she can look good in western costumes if,as you said.they let her be Vidya..
Unlike in heyy babyy..where the costumes were abominable to say the least but what was even more stupid was casting her in that role..someone who is known for her electifying screen presence reduced to a sidekick and being fooled around by three goofs is a sham
Sajid khan really should be spanked
But evn though her costumes in salaam-e-ishq were disgusting she stood out because they let her be Vidya..
lets hope bhool bhulaiya brings some more vidya magic to the screen

The KnickerBlogger said...

Oh yeah, I agree, she looked great in LRM. I didn't see Heyy Babyy, so I can't comment on the role but the 'look' it seemed like they were trying to pair down her features and make her look like someone she is not. For example some people say she has a 'big nose' but I disagree, I think it fits her proportions perfectly and she's quiet beautiful. She would look silly with a nose job.

By Indian costume, i mean traditional Indian dress (yes I know that covers a wide range).

I don't think she looked bad in Salaam E Isque...but maybe, like you said its because they let her be her...

Anonymous said...

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