Monday, April 30, 2007

What's a Few Historic Buildings When You Consider How Much Brooklyn Can Use More Parking Lots?

That, is according the "Boss Greed" Mike Bloomberg, who has, from day one, began a relentless campaign of unsustainable 'growth' that only benefits himself and his friends. Short term it makes the numbers look good, long term it seriously lowers the quality of life for New Yorkers. There's no thinking of future.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn loses buildings like the Duffield houses (on the right) and Ward's Bakery (on the left) to parking lots...then Bloomberg and others turn over land and resources to 'genius' developers who grace Brooklyn with treasures like this:

If this continues, Brooklyn will look more like a more crowded version of the blandest, poorly designed suburb. Building parking lots, ignoring infrastructure, increasing auto traffic, tearing down historic buildings, wasteful, flamboyant architecture....are Bloomberg and Ratner trying to relive their youth of the 1960s, when super blocks, auto-based infrastructure and wiping out the past were considered progressive?

Anyway you can do something:

TOMORROW: Duffield St. Hearing

City Hall

10AM, Press Conference on the City Hall steps with Councilmembers and supporters of the Duffield Street owners.

11AM, Hearing

Come out for the hearing to help save the Duffield St. homes from seizure by eminent domain. The City is planning to condemn 227 and 233 Duffield Street to build more parking in Downtown Brooklyn, despite evidence that these historial homes were part of the Underground Railroad network and that the firm hired to evaluate these claims, AKRF, lied and withheld evidence.

AKRF is the same firm that wrote the Atlantic Yards Environmental Impact Statement, which dozens of neighborhood advocacy and public-interest groups found to be flawed and incomplete.

Tomorrow's hearing is being held by the NY City Council's Landmarks Subcomittee, chaired by Councilman Leroy Comrie, and will cover the AKRF's report on the Underground Railroad findings.

More information can be found here:

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Eliza said...

Even though my body's stuck in O-hi-o, my spirit is at City Hall right now.

I cannot bear the thought of losing Brooklyn.