Friday, January 4, 2008

This Might Explain Obama Support Too

He is what I refer to as the "white guilt" candidate. His speeches are filled with empty rhetoric, but I suspect many whites feel they will atoned, if they vote for a black man for president. Anyway in a related matter:

The Moral Championship

by Baron Bodissey

Our Swedish correspondent Carpenter has translated a fascinating article from a Swedish magazine. Here’s his introduction:

I decided to translate an article by ethnology professor Karl-Olov Arnstberg of the University of Stockholm from the 7th issue of Axess — a Swedish magazine and TV channel — even though it’s two months old. The headline is “The Moral Championship”, and it’s about Sweden’s industry of solidarity, the moral elites, and the fact that there is no real debate about our completely insane immigration policies, only various arguments for its maintenance.

There’s no internet version of the article. But it is published in full over at the Swedish blog Robsten.

Why have I translated this? It’s perhaps the most unusual article of 2007 in Sweden, and therefore deserves an English translation. But it also shows that there are very lonely voices of political incorrectness, even in Sweden. And Arnstberg is one of them.

And now Carpenter’s translation of Dr. Arnstberg’s article:

The Moral Championship

By Karl-Olov Arnstberg
7th issue of Axess Magazine, 2007

To the new elite, it is more important to demonstrate its superior morals than to apply responsible economic policies. Critics of existing immigration policies are automatically labelled as prejudiced and racist.

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