Thursday, January 3, 2008

Brooklyn Was Mine On Sale - Proceeds Help Legal Fight keep Bruce Ratner's fat, tax-payer subsidized slimy hands off Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Was Mine On Sale.
"Brooklyn has given birth to some of America's greatest literary voices," note the anthology's co-editors, Chris Knutsen and Valerie Steiker. "Today, a new generation of authors has grown up or resettled here, a testament to Brooklyn's unique quality of life. These writers simply want to protect a community that has provided them with so much. Fortunately, the passion they feel for the place has yielded a vibrant collection of essays—and we are delighted that, with each book sold, something will be given back to Brooklyn." All of the proceeds from Brooklyn Was Mine will benefit Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (DDDB).

"Brooklyn is a raucous amalgam of communities and neighborhoods, of new and old, of questions and attempts at answers," said DDDB spokesman Daniel Goldstein. "Brooklyn Was Mine represents that glorious mishmash. Our organization works tirelessly to promote and protect this fragile miracle, and the authors' generous donation of their work to this anthology will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals."

Of the anthology's twenty authors, four (Jonathan Lethem, Jennifer Egan, Robert Sullivan, and Phillip Lopate) are members of DDDB's Advisory Board; all of the contributors, however, are passionate about the cause they have chosen to support. "We should all be grateful," says Lethem, "that the brave handful of folks who refused to be bought out of their homes put the brakes on this process before it was too late."

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