Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mike Bloomberg: Hope For America

As I said, less eloquently six months ago, the thought that Bloomberg is some how an 'alternative' to the establishment is a sick joke.

The Bloomberg Is Off the Rose

Posted by Justin Raimondo on December 31, 2007

Over at, the heroic Glenn Greenwald has the goods on the Bloomberg-for-President hot air balloon, which is now being pumped up by all kinds of “centrist” (i.e. unprincipled) politicians and the bloviating David Broder. Aside from detailing and documenting Bloomie’s pro-war pronouncements, Greenwald has this to say:

“Clearly, this is just exactly what our country desperately needs, what it is missing most—a neoconservative, combat-avoiding, Bush-supporting, Middle-East-warmonger who sees U.S. and Israeli interests as indistinguishable and inextricably linked, with a fetish for ever-increasing government control and surveillance, and a background as a Wall St. billionaire. We just haven’t had enough of those in our political culture. Our political system, more than anything, is missing the influence of people like that. That’s why it’s broken: not enough of those.”

And, I a might add, an open borders advocate who wants to extend citizenship and voting rights to illegal aliens in New York - then he complains we have a housing shortage!

This cynical attempt by MSM to float Bloomberg as an 'alternative' demonstrates that our elite are either completely out of touch with reality or think that Americans are brain dead...maybe both.

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