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Texas Enriched By Die-virsity

Seriously, just how @#$R%#$ clueless are 'elite opinion makers'?


Honor Killing in Texas?

The double murder of Amina and Sarah Said near Dallas at the hands of their Egyptian immigrant father has honor killing written all over it: Muslim male arrives in the mid-1980s with his family, fails to assimilate but his female children do, expecting to lead American lives with individual freedom. He responds by killing them.

It’s another family culture clash that led to death, a syndrome that has become rather common in Europe, but not as much here. Yet.


Brender Walker then links to this :: remember Podhoretz is one of the most aggresive, militant why would he hold such an opinion? Simple He's one of the most aggresive and militant neocons. Creative destruction isn't only for the Islamic world:
.Muslim immigration no threat, says Podhoretz

In the midst of a long interview in which he criticizes his fellow American Jews for their failure to break free of their habitual belief in liberalism, Norman Podhoretz shows that he has still not broken free of his own habitual belief in mass immigration and the supposedly all-powerful forces of assimilation:

Despite my own criticisms of the American Muslim community, I would not say that it is a big threat to America. I also suspect that the next generation of American Muslims will become more Americanized than its immigrant parents, because the melting pot still seems to be more effective in promoting assimilation than "multiculturalism" is in promoting separatism and balkanization.

While I don't generally like the expression, may we be finally permitted to say at this point that Norman Podhoretz just doesn't get it?
Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 28, 2003 04:25 PM .

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ERS said...

To anyone with an experienced eye, the murders of the beautiful Said sisters are quite obviously dishonor killings.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"