Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cracking The Ron Paul Code

Reposted in full - hilarious, but sadly paranoid nuts like Kirchick either believe it OR are trying to make people believe it.

Cracking The Ron Paul Code

Posted by Richard Spencer on January 08, 2008

Yesterday on “Tucker,” Jamie Kirchick told the world what we in the right-wing extremist community have known for years: first, Ron Paul is a neo-Nazi-confederate homophobe; and secondly,

“He speaks in code; he’s a transmitter. He’ll say certain things that at first might not appear to be overtly racist, but to certain audiences, they know what he’s talking about. […] People in the know, and people who are in the neo-confederate communities, know exactly what he’s talking about.”

For those just learning to crack the Ron Paul Code, let me offer some sample translations:

1) Take for instance Ron Paul’s statement before Congress in July: “I have been one of the strongest opponents of military action against Iraq. I voted against the initial authorization in 2002, and I have voted against every supplemental appropriations bill to fund the war.” This passage can be roughly translated as, “Hitler was cool, all black people are evil, and I hate gays.”

2) Similarly, when Ron Paul says, “I want to eliminate the income tax,” he’s really trying to transmit, “There’s an international Jewish conspiracy; and the Holocaust never happened.”

I hope this clears everything up. To think, for around a year now, many people have supported Ron Paul because they actually believed he was running a campaign based on non-intervention and fiscal responsibility

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