Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Richard Spencer on the Ron Paul Smearer:

It’d be difficult to construct a more perfect third-generation neocon, or a more perfect PC crusader, than the young James Kirchick.

Callow, self-righteous, cubby, Kirchick is the kind of person who undoubtedly waxed on about neocons being the only ones willing to defend the West and expand gay rights in the Middle East between pizza breaks at Pierson college at Yale.

Arriving on the Washington scene this past year, Kirchick has written columns denying that the backers of Israel smear their critics with the “anti-Semite” libel … and then has returned to writing articles about how critics of Israel, or generally anyone he doesn’t much like, are “anti-Semites.” He actually picked up this habit in his student days. It thus came as little surprise that he was out front publicizing the fact that, among the hundreds of thousands of patriots who’ve donated to the Ron Paul campaign, one of them was a neo-Nazi crackpot. Kirchick has a habit of substituting insinuation for argument and evidence.

Note to Kirchick and his ilk - it no longer works - YOU are the haters, the war mongers, the bigots, YOU are the ones who support a racial identity state and want to do so on my dime. YOU are the ones who in turn want to displace Americans in their own country. We're done listening to your bs smears.

Obviously the likes of Alan Dershowitz, TNR, Necons, ADL, AIPAC - the whole rotten corrupt group of Zionists - think that if they scream NAZI loud enough it will cover up their mistreatment of Palestinians, scare people in sheepishly accepting the "need" to nuke Iraq ooops will never stop, they will never stop pushing, smearing, name calling, its time to confront them, openly.

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