Sunday, January 13, 2008


I come back from a long week-end to find Judge Madden ruled in favor of Forest City. I am still ingesting it but DDDB points this out:
Is NYPD Putting Us at Risk, Or Is Newark Just Overly Cautious

The NY Times's coverage of Judge Madden's decision includes the following:

...In rejecting a claim [by petitioners], for example, that the review failed to properly address the prospect that the project would provide a tempting target for terrorists, the judge said the project did not have as many inherent hazards as "facilities with some degree of dangerousness, such as an oil supertanker port, a gas storage facility or a hazardous waste facility."...

The stadium is no more dangerous than a hazardous waste dump or a supertanker storage area. Comforting. Any proposals to put those smack in the middle of three neighborhoods and over a major transportation hub? The judge's, politicians and Forest City's assertions that since there are other risky areas , we shouldn't complain when they build something that is going to make our lives more subject to danger reeks of the worst sort of elitism which has become a hallmark of this project. Would Judge Madden like a hazardous waste facility built in her neighborhood? It is quite fitting that this ill-conceived project constantly has to reference the worst examples of urban planning, safety and security, crowd and traffic control.

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