Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Bollywood Break: Dil To Pagal Hai

I finally caught this movie (colds have a way of making one catch up dvd viewing) one of the most popular and acclaimed 'Bollywood' films of the last decade or so...It was shot in 1997/98, Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit at the height of her beauty and charm ( and that killer smile). Well here's an oddity for bollywood: The plot is actually great, the music is great but the dancing...was kind of cheesy - obviously influenced by the more tacky aspects of the Michael Flatly /Riverdance phenomenon at the time. This is one of the few nice numbers, most of the time Madhuri is in appropriate - as in they just make her body look weird- tacky lycra jumpsuits that make her bulge in all the wrong places..and there is one number with Shah Ruk Khan in overalls that will surely be evidence of latent homosexuality...anyway here's the nice number:

A bit crude but nice tune. Actually a good indicator of the generally over all poor quality production values prior to the say, Devdas.

Here are some of the numbers, cool tunes but ...ughh its the kind of stuff that used to cause Indians in America to wince and change the subject at the mention of "bollywood"

Madhuri has got a beautiful face and though a bit less peferct body, can look sexy in the clothing that emphasized her lines....which this get up clearly does not for the men in the orange shirt and black overalls....why not just a big sign saying "We're gay!"

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