Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Republic Vs. Empire

As stated before: the one candidate who wants to restore the constitution, get rid of the patriot act and other infringements on liberty, and get us out of the middle east is smeared by main stream media as a 'nazi. '. What does that tell you about our elite 'freedom is tyranny' or at this point do they think the 'racism' charge even trumps individual liberty?


Old Media, Big Government: They're Scared and Desperate

Posted by Karen DeCoster at 06:27 PM

The James Kirchick article in The New Republic is so obviously a smear strategy that aims to shut down the campaign of a guy who is an unnerving candidate because he comes from outside The Establishment and he is representative of a very ominous grassroots power. The Establishment and its media stooges have no real strategy for combating, let alone defeating, a massive grassroots-Internet power that has discarded old media and old politics in favor of a grassroots revolution that is supported by a strong finanial network.

Now this whole smear is, of course, a very calculated attempt on the part of the neocon rag, The New Republic, to take down a candidate whom the establishment absolutely fears. This punk kid whole wrote it, James Kirchick, is a Giuliani lover, and one who would love to "make a name" for himself by bringing down the Ron Paul Revolution with a prehistoric strategy of pointing a finger at supposed acts of political incorrectness. As soon as Ron is making the charge into the primaries, in a good position to win one or two of them, out comes the smear cannons.


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