Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How Much Clearer Does It Have To Be:

For the deliberate displacement of Christianity is obviously where America is headed, if its elites have anything to do with it. A harbinger: the year’s crop of War Against Christmas news items included this remarkable report in The Harvard Crimson by Christopher B. Lacaria ’09 (December 17, 2007)

“Chanukah, a holy day observed by a sizable portion of Harvard students, enjoys the public recognition on campus that it deserves. During the eight-day-long holiday, a giant menorah graced the Yard right in front of Widener Library. Such campus celebrities as former University President Lawrence H. Summers, ‘Justice’ professor Michael Sandel, and current University President Drew Gilpin Faust herself even participated in public menorah-lightings, garnering significant Crimson coverage.

“But not one public Christmas display—no Nativity crèche, no Advent wreath lightings—received any such attention, in the campus daily or on email lists. Surely there are still Christians on campus who cling tightly to their Christmastime traditions, but theirs do not figure meaningfully in the multicultural mélange that dominates Harvard this time of year.”

And of course, when there is a reaction:


Last year, reporting on some local hacks’ Khristmaskampf Denial (for example, see here), VDARE.COM friend Ryan Kennedy commented:

It's amazing how the national debate is so uniform. Even up here in Anchorage, AK we have liberal pundits uniformly insisting there is no war against X-mas. There must be some secret meeting they all attend.”

Well, paranoids do have enemies. The Anti-Defamation League has posted on its website a response to the 2006 Sea-Tac controversy—which was triggered by a rabbi’s attempt to insert a menorah—pointedly headed Christmas Tree Episode in Seattle Unleashes Anti-Semitism ”. There can be no doubt that editors across America have received deputations making this same point with earnest eloquence. That’s probably why Fox’s Bill O’Reilly declared victory this year in the War Against Christmas and sharply toned down his rhetoric.

For one reason or another, newsroom culture in America turned hostile to War Against Christmas stories—and also the Christophobes have been arguably less aggressive.


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