Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Media Driven Election, Part 1

I'll let Vdare do the talking:

And the Winner of the New Hampshire Primary is … the Media!

As I write this, with over 81 percent of the precincts counted, Sen. John “If they want a goddamn fence, I’ll build them a goddamn fence” McCain (Media-AZ) has a five percent lead over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (down however from an earlier lead of eight percent), 37-32 percent, has been declared the winner of the GOP primary by the media, and has given his victory speech.

This is amazing, when you consider that:
1. McCain is the media’s own Frankenstein monster, created in 2000, and that the media brought his campaign back from the dead months ago, and kept it alive;
2. McCain is fundamentally hostile to the interests of Republican voters. He has waged a long, lonely battle on behalf of media control of elections (aka “campaign finance reform”), and on behalf of the abolition of America through open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants (aka “comprehensive immigration reform”); and
3. New Hampshire voters are supposedly very hostile towards amnesty and open borders.

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