Friday, January 4, 2008

Bag Balm

One reason I am pumping out useless post after useless post is I have a rotten, nasty cold, which is actually, finally a lot better due to the use of garlic ( I kid you not, read up on what the good Dr. Weil has to say about it).

Anyway, after several days of nose blowing and mouth breathing, my nose became a bit soar and my lips quite chapped. I figured I would try some bag balm -since I have used it on minor cuts and after all its good for soar cow udders. OUCH. it burned and stung, and after having it on my lips and nose I can safely say, if I were a cow, I would not want it on my udder, soar or not. Has anyone ever asked a cow if they wanted it?

I like old fashioned country remedies, but I have yet of find this often praised product no more or less effective than aloe or straight petrol jelly. Its good for protecting against wind burn though.

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