Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Equal Than Others

At 60, Israel's never-ending struggle for security

On May 7, Israelis began celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Jewish state. Soon, Palestinians will mark the nakba, or catastrophe.

Funny how the former is lauded over and celebrated in the US, while the latter is not even acknowledged. Steven Spielberg, who has self-righteously withdrawn from artistic advisory to the 2008 Olympics because of Tibet, is mum about israel, yet constantly bombards us with images of Jewish suffering. How could anyone see such gross hypocrisy and not raise an eyebrow?

I am not surprised that one ethnicity would be so self focused - nor is there anything 'wrong' with a group focusing on its own sufferings, I am just amused that Americans of all stripes still fall for it, to the tune of over one trillion dollars and counting.

But even the title of the usually objective CS Monitor is amusing. "Struggling for Security"? Here's an idea:: don't invade other people's land and build settlements, and then people will be much less likely to threaten your 'security'.

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