Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back-Shooting Child-Molesting Cop Killer Gets to Live

Back-Shooting Child-Molesting Cop Killer Gets to Live
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What has happened to Texas that a Houston jury would let a cop-killer illegal alien off with just life in prison? This sentence is a huge disappointment to anyone who cares about justice, not to mention crime prevention. Every cop killer should expect to pay the ultimate punishment.

For earlier coverage on the murder of Officer Rodney Johnson, see Officer Down in Houston. He had arrested Juan Leonardo Quintero for driving without a license, but Johnson’s frisking missed a gun hidden in the prisoner’s waistband, which was used in the shooting. Quintero was an illegal alien who had been previously deported in 1999 for indency with a child and was arrested for drunk driving as well.

“We’re just very upset,” said Lorraine Crawford, mother of the slain officer’s widow, Joslyn Johnson.

“We wanted the death penalty,” Crawford said. “He had nothing but malice in his heart.”

She added that the jury did not seem to understand the difficulty of a police officer’s job.

The officer’s brother, David Johnson, was in the courtroom with his wife, Donna Mack, when the sentence was announced. He said he and his wife also had wanted to see Quintero sentenced to death.

“He shot him four times in the back, three times in the head,” Johnson said. “I can’t believe that. What’s mitigation?”
[HPD officer's family shocked by life sentence, Houston Chronicle, May 20, 2008]

What's happened Brenda? Do you have to ask? He was tried by a jury of his 'peers' who put ethnicity before justice. White liberals tell us that if just let more of them in, and other ethinic block forming people, we'll enter a new era of racial harmony. Too bad officer Johnson won't live to see it.

Note II: anyone remotely (and realistically) familiar with the 3rd world countries knows that 'indecency' (one of our prejudice, Anglo-Saxon notions, no doubt) toward children is commonplace. Muslims are already challenging our Anglo Saxon notions of monogamy (strangely marching lock step with gay activists both of whom want to 'redefine' marriage) no doubt they will challenge this Anglo-centric notion of ours as well.

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