Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Fourth Estate Fails Again:: Iran Will Be Attacked

From Antiwar.com Palestinian Pundit:
The Fourth Estate Fails Again
An Important Story

"Eleven days ago I wrote an item for The American Conservative blog that asserted that the U.S. National Security Council had decided to proceed with plans to attack Iran in light of Tehran's reported interference in Iraq and in Lebanon. Those who have been following the issue know well that planning to attack Iran is nothing new, that there are many in the Bush administration and outside it who are eager to bomb the mullahs into the stone age. What is different now is that there is a consensus inside the White House that a military attack is not an option but rather a necessity to "send a message" and restrain Iranian ambitions. Burned by Iraq, it is by no means certain that the Great Decider will actually pull the trigger, but the likelihood of war has increased dramatically.

My story came from two independent sources who have been reliable and who have excellent access to the information that they were conveying. Both were concerned that war with Iran is not in the best interest of the United States and would, in fact, be a catastrophe for both countries, a view that I share. They also believe that Iran poses no genuine threat to the United States. As often happens, after my blog post appeared I was contacted by several other independent sources who also confirmed my report. No one disputed it. Justin Raimondo replayed the story three days later and he in turn had his own excellent sources who indicated that the account was correct. More than 500 Web sites and other bloggers picked up the report.......

As is frequently the case, one must suspect that U.S. policy is really all about Israel, the 600-pound gorilla in the room. Alan Greenspan's attempt to change the subject to oil notwithstanding, the Iraq war would never have happened without the Lobby's guiding hand. And invading Iran will be more of the same, with the same cheering section urging us on to war. My telling the story about an impending attack on Iran, which could conceivably lead to a surge in public opinion opposing such a prospect, possibly derailing it, is not what the Israel Lobby wants. Alarm bells undoubtedly went off in various news rooms. The media has obediently lined up on the subject, and nothing more will be said, just as the story about newly revealed Israeli spy Ben-Ami Kadish has already disappeared from sight.

Actually considering the interest of the owners, I think the 'fourth estate' is earning their paycheck....

It is an increasingly uncomfortable issue, but one that has to be addressed:: the power of Israel' lobby must be confronted, and their power challenged. There is not the remotest likelihood of this happening in Washington. Even if massive grassroots support for, say a rational middle east policy where to gain ground, it would be ignored the same way opposition to immigration was ignored.

At this point, I don't know what the answer is.

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