Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Addicted to Stupid

Republicans Say House Loss May Signal More Setbacks (Update1)

By Laura Litvan

May 14 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. House Republicans said an election loss in Mississippi yesterday may portend widespread voter rejection in the November races, and some complained that party leaders are failing to provide an adequate election-year strategy and agenda.

At a closed-door weekly meeting of all House Republicans today, Representative Tom Davis of Virginia distributed a 20-page assessment of the party's prospects, telling reporters later that it warned that following the ``same-old, same-old is a 25-seat loss.''

Republicans are increasingly concerned about their election prospects after Democrat Travis Childers yesterday won a Mississippi House seat that Republicans had held for more than 13 years, the third time since March that a Democrat won a Republican-held seat in a special election.

Here's an idea: get back to the old republican party values, you know the ones we had before the Neocons came?, Small government, anti-'nation building' - you know the exact opposite of everything John McCain is?

This election is, if anything about how far the values of our "elite" have become out of touch with the rest of America. Since a large % of campaign money now comes from the super wealthy, transnational elite - (previously Republicans had more middle class support) the Republican leadership has become more and more flippant towards voters.

There was also a deliberate, overt effort to marginalize Ron Paul, the one candidate who could perhaps save the nation from impending disaster- or at least, soften the fall.

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