Thursday, May 8, 2008

From The Always Interesting Phillip Weiss:

Will Hillary's Exit Signal the End of the Jewish Establishment?

Watching Lanny Davis spin desperately for Hillary the other night on MSNBC, hearing Howard Wolfson work the same riff on NPR this morning, I wondered if the Jewish establishment is ending almost before it began. The Clintons were the greatest thing that happened to Jewish success. My people had been outsiders in American life for generations, then they came inside with a giant splash during the Clinton administration, in which 2 of 2 Supreme Court appointments were Jewish and countless political plums too, including even the president's lover (Monica) and sometime-chaperone (Evelyn Lieberman). Almost everyone was Jewish on the president's negotiating team at the disastrous Camp David, a team that acted as "Israel's lawyer" (in the words of Aaron David Miller). A couple of my extended family got to play roles in the administration, too.

In a nutshell, I think Weiss is deceiving himself on two levels: a. the Barack Obama is anything but a power hungry, smooth talking race hustler b. that the power of the Israeli lobby is even close to being confronted, much less defeated.

I think he is incorrect that 'younger' Jews are less ethoncentric: its sort of a self-correcting mechanism, the people who aren't or out-marry are also not in the power structure.

I don't think any of this really matters - no candidate, Repub or Democrat, on any level, is addressing the serious issues confronting the US - a failed foreign policy, plummenting economy based on suburbanizing farmland and financial shennanigans from Wall Street and Fed, and, what no one will discuss: increasing ethnic polarization...

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