Thursday, May 1, 2008

Declining Expectations, Increased Subsidies..

Each week seems to reveal a new 'surprise' about Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards Project -this week, thanks to the inestimable Norman Oder, we learn that those 'generous' buyouts to property owners (coupled with latent threats of eminent domain) are being financed by New York Taxpayers. No wonder Ratner, a greedy man if there ever was one, was so 'generous'.

We also learn that Ratner can build little or no public housing in an extremely cushy time frame, and recently his Billionaire cousin "Chuck" (isn't lovely how they liked to be known on such familiar terms while they steal from us?) has indicated that shucks...they just might need more money. It is fairly obvious, that if this ill fated and ill conceived project gets off the ground, it will require huge public outlays - far more than indicated here...and politicians in Ratner's pocket will use the "too big to fail" fallacy. Every day it becomes clearer and clearer - this is nothing but a huge land money grab and transfer of wealth from middle class property owners and taxpayers to a crooked, wealthy developer.

I guess that's what Ratner means by 'progressive'.

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