Monday, May 19, 2008

The Democratic Party Abandon American Workers

Then it quickly occurred to me. This was before mass immigration had displaced Americans from whole industries, as humble as they were.

Back then, cannery work was relatively well-paid. Canneries would advertise for work at colleges boasting of adventure in Alaska and the like. Today they do no such thing. They advertise for foreign workers to depress labor costs. Today the cannery workforce is almost exclusively foreign and almost none speak English. Last year Alaska public radio did this story: International cannery workers crank through huge pink run in Cordova September 19, 2007

From Vdare:In the story, Bill Gilbert was reported to have worked in a cannery in 1967 for the equivalent of $19.55/hr in 2007 dollars. He was 15 years old at the time. Today he manages the cannery. Hillary likely received a similar wage in her summer of '69 up here. [Figure arrived at using BLS inflation calculator here.]

Today a worker doing the same thing gets minimum wage—$7.15/hr.

Mr. Gilbert goes on to explain that labor can be obtained from abroad, thereby depressing overall wages. He may have gotten $19.55/hr at 15 years old, but he'll be damned if his workers see anything above $8/hr.

But not to worry, today's workers got a little something extra last year. Due to record catches last year the foreign workers had to put in 18 hour days. So the town and industry got together and gave each worker a handsome bonus: a T-shirt for each and every worker thanking them for their hard work.

Why are democrats encouraging MORE immigration when they know- they have to know - it depresses wages and further taxes the environment. Who, ultimately, are they answering to?

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