Thursday, May 8, 2008

Peak Oil An Atlantic Yards

I ran across this post on peak oil from the American Conseravtive blogspot:

I answer: doubtless. But we will again ignore the costs upon local cultures that the ferocious race to extract ever-more valuable uranium from anywhere it can be found exacts. And we will again - as in the case of oil - seek to extract in full a non-renewable resource, leaving behind for our children a legacy of toxic and undisposable waste and a civilization that cannot be run on anything close to the order as we ran it.

I am asked: won't we instead have to seek unconventional sources of petroleum?

I answer: doubtless. We will extract everything we possibly can, even transforming the face of the earth into a living hell if it means we can continue to run a civilization of Dunkin Donuts, TGIFs and leaf blowers.

Hmm what else comes to mind? The greed and stupidity of Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry - using taxpayer funding, they want to build a wasteful, environmentally hostile, agoraphobic vegas style entertainment complex. Shouldn't we be thinking about better things to do with land over a transportation hub?

Don't expect people like Ratner, or the politicians he bribes, to consider the possibility. There is absolutely no long term thinking from our current 'elite' - cook the books, grab what you can, and pass on the problem to the next guy.

How different from previous generations who gave us Prospect Park instead of a condo development disguised as a park (Brooklyn Bridge "park") or the Brooklyn Museum as opposed to its current iteration which is nothing more than a vehicle for Corporations to advertise and promote agendas.

Is there any shame in these people? Of course not. Just a big, decadent eve of the French Revolution ball.


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