Monday, June 2, 2008

While Billionaire Bruce Raids The Public Coffers...

from the NY times blog:

There were two predictable fallouts from New York State’s move to force online companies to collect state sales tax: There would be a lawsuit. And some online merchants would cut off their affiliates in the state.

The state hoped the new legal interpretation would bring in $50 million a year to help close New York’s budget gap.

Hmmm 50 million...let's see, how about selling Vanderbilt yards for what's worth not 150 million below its value? or the various two billion in subsidies going to Bruce Ratner and other corrupt developers? How about the luxury tax property tax carveout? We can on with examples, but you get the picture..

No, too easy. Instead, further put the pinch on middle class consumers by taxing them in a manner that is clearly unconstitutional. That's never bothered corrupt New York politicians before, why start now?

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