Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am not for mccain, but this is brilliant:

Peter Schweizer asks a question:

We now are down to two presidential candidates. One went to the Ivy League and Harvard Law School as a young man. The other spent years of his youth in a Vietnam Prisoner of War camp and suffered lifelong injuries. Guess which one whines more about his hardships?

That arugula-eating Barack Obama, that’s who! says Schweizer.

He compiles an impressively lightweight brief against him (and his wife). And concludes:

Many observers believe that Barack Obama secured the liberal base of the Democratic party because he was antiwar from the beginning. But I think it’s because he mastered the art of complaining and won over the Whine Caucus. Today the Democratic party is dominated by groups making claims of victim status — blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, unwed mothers, artists, pampered academics, environmental activists, the poor, the unemployed, animal rights activists, women, homosexuals. As Michael Crowley openly admits on Slate: “What does define and unify the [Democratic] party is a sense of victimhood.”

True to a point. Schweizer then goes on to cite several studies that show liberals hate their jobs, their homelives and their hobbies. Liberals blame “the man” for their misery.

The American Conservative goes on to point out that whatever is left of the Republican party have become pretty good at playing the victim game themselves....which leads me to ask, what's left? If I say its the old right taking all the hits - the victimizers - than I would be making myself a victim....

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