Friday, June 13, 2008

And Speaking Of Mega Projects...

from VDare::

LA’s MegaMansions and Immigration

Jessica Garrison writes in the LA times:

Unaffected by the economic woes besetting the masses, the super-rich
are going on creating palace-like complexes. One builder says he knows
of 20 houses of at least 20,000 square feet in the works.

What percentage of construction workers in Southern California are illegal immigrants? Recent Legal immigrants or beneficiaries of amnesties? Would such mansion be being built if we never had the immigration expansion of the 60’s? What might be being built instead?

These are questions that just aren’t being asked anywhere except a few places like

that is the great, unanswered question...if we weren't adding 1 million + people a year to this country ::
a. wages for the poorest and working classes would probably be better.
b. land and real estate would probably be cheaper.
c. crime and corruption would be much less.

In other words it would have been great for most Americans, while mass immigration has benefited super wealthy "Americans".

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