Thursday, June 12, 2008

Proof of their Guilt Is Obvious from Their Racist Statements.

From Steve Sailer:"It's totally obvious how Liptak is slanting this New York Times article to get readers to presume that Steyn's article is "hate speech." There's not a single quote from Steyn's essay "The Future Belongs to Islam" in Liptak's entire 1,838 word article. On the other hand, Liptak uses the word "hate" (or "hateful") appears 18 times, "Nazi" three times, and "Hitler" once.

The real story here is, once again, about how diversity dooms free speech."

How long can 'the left' or 'the neocons' get away with this tactic? Its been going strong for 50+ years with no end in site...seems nobody has the guts to actually read the 'hate' speech after it is declared 'hate' (nazi, Hitler, etc).

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