Monday, June 23, 2008

A Personal Note

Not much sense writing about a personal thought on an anonymous blog but there it we learn that Pataki Vs. Goldstien, eg the challenge to emiment domain which involves the state of New York turning over private land to a private developer for that developer's personal gain, under a thinly veiled pretext of 'public good', was rejected by the Supreme Court.

I feel that every position I take, whether 'right' or 'left' is the losing I simply someone from a certain socio economic, a certain religion, a certain ethnicity, that is on the losing side of globalization? Do I just take 'lost causes' - real ones not fake ones like "fighting racism" not 'charging windmills' but rather, charging giants with a toothpick?

Or is it that there has, since the 1960s, been a 'new elite' in this country that has been doing things for their own gain, and are so self serving and myopic that they are simply trying to grab as much as they can and destroy as much as they can before it all comes crumbling down?

It does seem that the lies and denial of reality is getting worse, not better, while people pin false hopes to Manchurian candidates like Obama.


On the actual Atlantic Yards debacle - its doubtful that Bruce Ratner can raise the money he needs, not half of it- especially with the looming credit crunch and inflation - but since the state doesn't care about accountability or financial feasibility, nor does Ratner since he is simply robbing the public coffers - it is not enough to stop the worst aspects of the project - the MTA giving Ratner land for 1/4 of its value (at the same time claiming they have to raise fares) the city giving him hundreds of million in aid, at the same time, claiming they need to raise taxes, and the state giving him both aid and land they don't own but rather, are seizing from private property owners.

So can the state, will the state (because hope of winning in state court, where the judges are utterly corrupt, is a long shot) be brazen enough to take the land from the property owners even though its obvious Ratner won't build for a long long time? They have done it before..

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