Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hypocrisy Check

During his hatchet job of Pat Buchanan's new book Adam Kirsch describes Buchanan:

, Mr. Buchanan's book is more dangerous. For Mr. Buchanan, a former speechwriter in the Nixon and Reagan White Houses, was once a notable presence in mainstream American politics. Since the collapse of his second protest candidacy for the Republican nomination for president, in 1996, however, he has in fact left the mainstream behind,not just by associating himself with the fringe Reform Party, but by publishing a series of books whose Spenglerian rhetoric about the decline of the West lays bare the racist and reactionary premises of his thought.

Its never hard to expose the hypocrisy of people like Kirsch: A little googling and volia:
Israel's Jewish Defamers .... a long defense of Zionism ending with:
All these feelings on the part of [anti-Zionist] Jews are understandable. From their standpoint they are justified. The Jews, however, have no right to expect that Zionism should commit suicide for their sake."

Mr. Kirsch condemns Buchanan for defending US and Europe from policies which will mean their people will be literally marginalized. Yet he uses the same justifications for his defense of Zionism and Israel. I wonder, out loud if people like Kirsch ever see their own hypocrisy...well, I used to wonder that but now I a believe more and more, that it isn't hypocrisy, its calculated maliciousness.

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