Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Salaam E Ishq Out on DVD

If the film were half as good as the Promo piece on the website (click on promos and then 'salaam e ishq and watch) I'd give it 5 stars. The promo led me to believe there would be some intelligent, subtle plots, but it turned out to be over the top meladramtics or just not interesting.

In the promo the relations between Priyanka Chopra and poacher Salman Khan, Aeyshia and Khanna and most of all John Abraham (a good actor) and Vidya Balan (a great one) looked very promising - as did veteran Anil Kapoor and Juhhi Chawla(If anything its an indicator of the comment many film critics make: the best filmmakers are the trailer editors) but alas the only good acting and interesting character was Govinda's. Just one, one decent plot among these six couples and it would have been my favorite film of the year...but alas it was a let down...some good music. But the cast, pre-released music and promo shots like this:

Let me to expect so much more. The musical numbers are worth Netflix rental (mercifully bollywood DVDs usually have a 'play songs only' menu option.


bluet said...

"mercifully" lol really funny.

bluet said...

May be you know them may be you dont:
Helena from her album AZUL:"Morrer nos seus Bracos" (to die in his arms)

Coralie Clements from her album SALLE DES PAS PERDUS :"l'ombre et la lumiere" (the shadow and the light"
hope you like them :)

KnickerBlogger said...

Thanks will have to check those out.