Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cheeni Kum

I have been disappointed with Bollywood's output this year. Guru, Eklavya, and Salaam E Isque were all letdowns -not bombs, but let downs. The most promising thing on the horizon is this 'intelligent' comedy "Cheeni Kum" - about a 64 year old chef who marries a 35 year old woman.
Trailer and official site Here
The little clip of music at the end sounds promising....
Ambit Bachanon and Tabu star. AB's enough of a veteran and has enough on screen charisma to make just about any film watchable, but if this trailer is any indicator, we can expect a lot more from this film than AB. I have never seen Tabu in a film before (at least that I can recall) until the Namesake, but if her performance here is half as good as there, then it'll be worth watching.

Friendly note: If searching google images for a production photograph of tabu in cheeni kum....well... definitely turn on illicit filtering.

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