Monday, March 19, 2007

Banana Republic, It Ain't Just A Clothing Label

From No Land Grab: 2006 lobbying breaks record, tripled since '96
Gannet News Service
, via Ithaca Journal
By YANCEY ROY Bruce Ratner was the third biggest spender in lobbying officials in Albany last year, doling out $2.11 million to convince politicians that Atlantic Yards and his other projects are good for NY.

Ratner was only outspent by the Healthcare Association of New York State and Verizon.

Special-interest groups spent a record $151 million trying to influence politics at the State Capitol in 2006, fueled by fights over health care, telecommunications and sports stadiums.

The amount spent on lobbying in New York has tripled in just 10 years, according to a report issued Monday.

The money represents spending on advertising, salaries of lobbyists, meals bought for legislators and similar costs. It does not include campaign contributions.
Bruce Ratner, who wants to build a basketball arena in Brooklyn to house the now-New Jersey Nets NBA team, ranked No. 3 at $2.11 million.

I am sure glad Bruce Ratner assured us that he doesn't contribute to politicians to avoid the appearance of impropriety, otherwise we might think something was amiss.


bluet said...

And what about the people in Brooklyn who support -with money- certain politicians campaign because those politicians are against Ratner's proyect?
Isn't it lobbism too?
you can find the "financial disclosure very easily on google,nobody told me, I found it by myself.
I am not pro Ratnerville AT ALL,but in this case he practice big lobbism because he is a big fish, and the little fishes practice little lobbism because they can't do it bigger.
Sorry but to me, if they can give money to a politician because that guy could support their cause, who can assure me that they won do the same with big money if they'l have the chance?

Anonymous said...

nobody gave money to politicians. these are fees paid to lobbyists. the point is, if ratner is willing to pay so much for lobbying, why can't he pay a dime for the rail yards?

bluet said...

sorry but that is not what the financial disclosure shows.
It's legal, but it is there, with names, adresses and amounts.
What Ratner is doing is terrible,of course it is,like he and his mentality and the mentality of those ones who takes that "favor money" in this case and in any case of corruption,but that simple individuals were supporting financially some Broklyn candidates last year,IS A FACT ,is on pappers,is there, you can see it yourself.
google it and you'll see.

KnickerBlogger said...

well I would be the first to say that there's a inherent problem with our whole system.....Ratner is just the biggest and ugliest local example...but its pretty clear that politicians on all levels will, for example not seriously advocate a sensible middle east policy, or sensible immigration policy because of the various special interest groups....or even something like AARP - why for example should a young couple trying to raise kids be subsidizing financially well-off senior's medication?

Anonymous said...


of course Ratner and surrogates donated TONS to politicians, i'msaying that this 2.11 million number are fees paid to lobbyists, the political donations are in addition to those fees to sway politicians. FCR like a good coporate citizen covers all corners.

bluet said...

My comment was about Ratner AND general public for Brooklyn.
You took the comment back just to Ratner and....big silence about general public in Brooklyn CONTRIBUTIONS to local politicians.
Forget it,I rather enjoy the wonderful other things in this blog and this beautiful sunny day.