Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Green Apple?

Bloomberg’s Vision for the ‘Green’ Apple

During NYLCV’s annual spring gala event on May 18, guest speaker Mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed his gratitude for the League’s support and his goal of transforming New York into an environmentally friendly city.
Bloomberg asked New Yorkers to build on their legacy of innovation to combine environmental, economic, cultural, and social progress. Focusing on the importance and potential of sustainability, the Mayor noted: “Sustainability is a philosophy of realistic optimism. It demands that we make sound investments today to meet the challenges of tomorrow, and find innovative long-term solutions to our most intractable problems. o

Bloomberg is all about smoke and mirrors, what sounds good but not what actually is good. How else can we explain his support of Atlantic Yards- one of the most environmentally taxing projects in New York history, designed by one of the most impractical, shallow architects in history (and there have been plenty) and pushed through by a greedy, incompetent developer with a track record of failure.

Gee Mike, let's put a few natural gas buses on Flatbush that will make up for overloaded power grids, sewers, Calcutta-like population density and LA smog & traffic

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