Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yeah, Just What We Need.

Amidst the chaos of the current 'meltdown' no one has stopped to notice the 'rules', or in the case of the Federal government, the constitution, are being tossed aside because its an 'emergency'. Curiously, the press, which has been complacent leading up to this 'crisis' gives the impression it happened overnight, and came out of 'nowhere' rather than actually point the finger at the people who caused it- the very people asking for more money and more power.

Locally, that is the case with Mike Bloomberg. The press and so called elite are enthusiastically endorsing altering the 'rules' so Bloomberg, and others in power, can remain in power. We need Bloomberg, they tell us, in times of financial crisis.

Yet what has Bloomberg done with his tenure? He has aggresively pursued eminent domain projects that have turned over huge chunks of land to large corporations and real estate developers. He has 'de-diversified' the economy - destroying many small and mid sized businesses and turning the land over -and often using the tax revenues from the middle class and small businesses - to fund megaprojects- often real estate development.

Does anyone, in hindsight, think this is a good idea? Bloomberg understands money, the power elite, & wall street, he understands or cares nothing for, manufacturing, shipping, skilled labor, research and development or any other more stable, long term industries.

So, unless you're a real estate developer or connected friend why in hell would you want Bloomberg for a fourth term? The only think I can imagine is fear of another Dinkins.

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