Monday, October 13, 2008

A Preview of Life Under Boss Obama

Missouri Sheriffs' and Prosecutors' Obama 'Truth Squad' Getting Old Media Silence

Photo of Tom Blumer.

What if I told you that sheriffs and prosecutors in, say, Indiana, had formed "truth squads" and "subtly" threatened prosecutions of critics of John McCain?

Does anyone think that the New York Times, Washington Post and Old Media in general wouldn't be putting the news on the front page, even with the bailout-apalooza going on in Washington?

Well, there is a "truth squad." It's in Missouri. It includes prosecutors and sheriffs. Oh, and they have formed their truth squad to threaten and intimidate the critics of ..... Barack Obama.

Here is a transcript of a report from station KMOW in St. Louis (first 1:45 of vid; HT Gateway Pundit) that may leave you wondering whatev....

I have seen press bias up front and close, but I have never seen such mass cover up and protection of a candidate before - one clearly so toxically far left. Is it the race card? self delusion and censorship? A 'plot' with the october suprise meltdown, (something someone like Soros & a few friends could manipulate) I don't know what to think anymore.

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