Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When Does The REAL Bubble Burst?

Proposition Nation, open borders, nation-less "unions"... the idea that America, or France, or Europe are 'creed' nations...the idea that England is not for English but for all peoples.

No one but the west is mad enough to adapt just 'theories' - In fact areas like South Asia have been steadily fragmenting along ethnic lines.

In times of crisis, broken, fragmented "societies" will only fracture further. Do we honestly think that the massive numbers of Chinese coming to America, for example are here to 'help us' or will ever worry about whether they have a 'diverse' enough work force? In times of chaos, like the LA riots, does one imagine they were doing anything but looking out for their own.

Of course, one will say there were exceptions but they were just that, exceptions. I suspect, now that the gates of hell seem to be opening rather wide, that we will be 'forced' to drop multicultural 'ideals' (not that i ever think they were).

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