Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is There Someting Just Obscene...

about Bruce Ratner still trying to bilk and scam the public as we enter into a deep recession? The IRS just grandfathered in tax exempt PILOTS for Ratner and Bloomberg's other corrupt friends building Yankee and Shea Stadiums...

Am I the only one that finds it extraordinary in a time when the tax burden will inevitably increase for middle class taxpayers because of this ill-conceived 'bailout' of Wall Street and criminal banks?

"Unmitigated gall" might describe Ratner's behavior, but its business as usual- our so called power elite are currently engaging in an outright looting of American taxpayer- on a scale that even dwarfed the Oligarch looting of Russia. No sign of caution, no hint of prudence.

Once again the only thing that's really come to light is the degree of Ratner's corruption and power - each day that goes by Ratner becomes less and less worried what people think, and signs of blatant corruption (such as Markowitz's 'charities' )and back door deals - which this IRS ruling obviously is.

Does the law, does democracy mean a thing anymore? It is increasingly like the ESDC 'process' which they now, if inadvertently, admit was a total sham.


On a related note, on the pages of the NYT Warren Buffet tries to sooth American nerves and encourage us to invest. No one finds it funny, that someone who has been so callous towards America and the plight of the American middle class, suddenly feigns concern for our well being?

Now, they are putting their cards (and wallets) behind Obama (like the not so curious ACORN-Ratner alliance) who presumably will deal the death blow to the American Nation state, and their imagined utopia (Which conveniently needs a ruling elite) will become a reality.

Oh it will become a reality, just not a pretty one.

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