Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Making Friends Across the Globe

Shaya Boymelgreen seems to always be connected with low-lifes, in Brooklyn with Ratner and in Isarel with Leviev. ...perhaps because he's a low-life himself....

Shaya Boymelgreen and Lev Leviev:
destroying communities and violating laws in Palestine and New York City.


Israeli American real estate developer Shaya Boymelgreen and Israeli businessman Lev Leviev are building destructive projects in New York City and in the Occupied West Bank in Palestine. Leviev and Boymelgreen are building strategic settlements in the Occupied West Bank which violate international law and aim to ensure Israeli control over key areas in the West Bank, rendering peace between Israelis and Palestinians impossible. In Palestine and in New York City they are committing similar abuses: expelling low-income, local residents from their communities, violating laws, and exploiting laborers.

I don't know if Bruce Ratner is engaging in the same bi-continental bad behavior, but it makes me wonder about a post I read earlier today:

Theories about conspiracies theories

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