Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Diversity Is Kenya's Strength.

Another diversity + democracy success story:

Kenya violence: 'We waited, now we'll chop them to bits'

THE tragedy of Kenya’s violence was etched on the face of James Kamau, a softly spoken 43-year-old biology teacher, as he steeled himself to search Nakuru city mortuary for his murdered brother-in-law this weekend.

“We are glimpsing an enormity of evil in Kenya larger than any of us imagined,” he said. “Look how they have destroyed our people.
Immediately after the re-election of Kibaki, the violence was directed against his tribe, the Kikuyu, whose political and economic domination of Kenya since independence in 1963 has exposed them to widespread resentment. But in the past week Kikuyus have hit back at Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjin and other tribes supporting Odinga, who is himself a Luo.

Good thing we're considering electing a Luo for president. He'll no doubt be fair and disinterested in Kenya....and non interventionist....his biography makes it clear he doesn't like white people very much (i wonder if the cheering, glassy eyed whites I saw outside Brooklyn Tech today, holding up "OBAMA 2008" signs realize this), and he belongs to a black nationalist church (another glaring hypocrisy ignored by main stream media) so I don't doubt he'll look after his own at the expense of others.

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