Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mad World of Globalists: Imans Get Swedish Taxpayer Funding:

Over the weekend Dymphna wrote about the British government’s announcement that it is willing to pay Muslim men for their extra wives. And now the Swedes are going to use taxpayer funds to pay for the training the country’s imams:

Swedish state to train imams

The Swedish government is to set up an inquiry to look into the possibility of using state funds to provide training programmes for imams.

Muslim religious representatives should be able to benefit from Swedish tax kronor in the same way as Christian priests and ministers, according to Minster for Higher Education and Research Lars Leijonborg.

The former Liberal Party leader also believes that the move will help stem the development of radical Islam in Sweden.

And, of course, Christian ministers are jailed for calling homosexuality immoral and the swedish national flag is banned from many schools.

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