Monday, February 11, 2008

Guess this is the 'blight' 'crime' they were talking about.

From Atlantic Yards Report:

MTA cop tries to stop videographer at Atlantic Yards site

Though a good number of photographers regularly shoot around the Atlantic Yards footprint and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Vanderbilt Yard, a video artist/teacher on the first week of her visit to Brooklyn found herself on the wrong side of an MTA police officer Sunday.

He attempted to confiscate her camera, questioned whether she was part of an anti-AY organization, and more than once reminded her that the project was proceeding, according to her account.

Katherin McInnis, who teaches video and photography in San Francisco and is visiting Brooklyn on sabbatical, told me she was hardly traumatized by the encounter, because she knew she had the right to shoot video--and blurry, “arty” video at that--from the Pacific Street sidewalk bordering the Vanderbilt Yard. (On her AV Diary, she posted some stills, some of which are reproduced here.)

In response, photographers met Sunday to take some snaps. I took a few and sauntered off back home.:
NoLandGrab reports:The photographers recounted their own personal stories about being turned away by Ratner rent-a-cops, site foremen, and MTA employees and then spread like the plague to take some pictures.

Funny how the MTA can have two full time $50,000 a year (at least) officers hanging around harassing photographers, but can't hire a $12.00 an hour laborer to pick up the trash from the 'blight'.

What is disturbing about this, and an earlier incident when the son of one of the property owners on the footprint was tossed in jail for removing RATNER's cameras from HIS property, is the MTA seems to be, no, not seems to be, is, acting like they are the personal arm of Forest City Ratner.
Note: In Ratner's "publicly accessible space" this won't even be an issue. Ratner's security will be able to ban who they please, when they please. They won't even need the flimsy 'security' excuses.

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