Tuesday, February 5, 2008

DDDB On The Daily New's Editorial

Abuse of Reality by Daily News Editorial Board

From Atlantic Yards Report:
Daily News's "Abuse of process" editorial an abuse of facts
An editorial in today's Daily News about Atlantic Yards, headlined Abuse of process, deserves a close look because of the numerous errors.

Norman Oder goes on to actually discuss claims made in the legal briefs rather than claims made in Forest City Ratner press releases. Continue reading...

The Daily News has an editorial today which is so ironic, starting with its headline, and so rife with fabrications, exaggerations, and nonsense that we have to respond here (there is at least one example per paragraph). Note that the editorial, as editorials are, is unfortunately an anonymous voice, so our response is to the whole board-- though there is a question we have for the paper's publisher, developer Mort Zuckerman: How many legal suits have you filed in your lifetime?

Mort Zuckerman, an aggressive, expansionist zionist, who has defended all of Israel's land grabs in his papers, seems to have difficulty discerning between what he and his friends want and what others own. So it's no surprise that he goes to bat for his buddy, Bruce Ratner.

Naturally, as DDDB points out, the lie of the editorial is an outrageous, big lie - private homeowners defending Ratner's boondoggle is indicator of a 'flawed' system. Not the MTA rigged bid, not the rigged EIS, but middle class property owners defending their homes is some sort of 'threat'. Perhaps Ratner, Zuckerman and their lackies (oh yes, I am thinking of meaner words as I type) think so, but if anything it represents just how out of touch they are with reality- and just how corrupt and self serving our elite have become.

DDDB's paragraph by paragraph analysis of this flawed, silly article here.

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