Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nicholas Stix Nails It Again.

The Heretical 2: Requests for Asylum and Letters from Santa Ana Jail

On July 31, in The Heretical 2: Asylum Seekers the Refugee Industry Won’t be Fighting for, I wrote of two Englishmen, writer Stephen Whittle (pen name Luke O’Farrell), 41, and his publisher, Simon Sheppard, 51, both of whom were convicted in July in England of“publishing racially inflammatory written material.”

On September 11, I wrote on the case of 19-year-old Jeremiah Munsen, an American who on Monday began a four-month federal prison sentence in Louisiana for engaging in symbolic speech that is protected by the First Amendment. Monday’s mailout asked,“Why is Obama’s Friend Bill Ayers Free and Jeremiah Munsen in Jail?” Until fairly recently, the English-language world was a beacon of freedom of opinion. Today, however, the “land of the free,” England, Canada and Australia are increasingly indistinguishable from EU, Communist, and Third-World tyrannies.

Whittle is guilty of having written essays variously excoriating and mocking Jews, Moslems and blacks (and Jews), Jews, blacks (and Jews), Jews and their Gentile “useful idiots”, homosexuals (and Jews); and Sheppard of having published them, which in England are crimes. (In England, it is not a crime to write anti-white, anti-Christian screeds.) Yes, folks, we’re in Alex Linder country.

While free pending sentencing, Whittle and Sheppard fled to America, where they immediately sought asylum and were arrested. Since then, America’s MSM have kept their existence a more closely guarded secret than what Barack Obama/Dunham/Soetoro did on theChicago Annenberg Challenge. If only Whittle and Sheppard were belligerent Moslem Bantu, HIV+, or Hispanic, illegal immigrant, gang-bangers, they’d by now be safely ensconced in the refugee-industrial complex.

Writing from jail, Whittle and Sheppard asked a mutual acquaintance, who has requested anonymity, to pass along their letters and requests for political asylum to me. Note that the legal arguments used against them by the Bush Administration could transform the Internet from a tool of worldwide intellectual liberation to one of global enslavement.[VDARE.COM note: All links below were added by pleas themselves were written with a Bic pen.]

14 August 2008




The Applicants arrived at LAX on 14 July 2008 and made their asylum request to the first official they encountered. The basis for their asylum claim. Is a three-year claim of legal harassment by the governing British Labour Party,culminating in an unprecedented prosecution and subsequent conviction for internet web pages hosted in Torrance, California. Were the applicants to be returned to Britain they would face substantial prison terms.

Stix nails it here- its not about whether you agree with Whittle and Shepherd (as he humorously alludes to concerning their Jewish conspiracy mongering) its the fact that those on the 'outer edge' of free speech are now being openly prosecuted and our government - republican and democrat - in collusion with European governments.

Once that standard is set, the next 'outer edge' can be prosecuted, and so on. Hate the use the tired holocuast cliche, but first they came for the communists... Though this time, it is the communists coming for us.

This isn't really about 'hate' as Stix points out - any wack theory can easily be debated and refuted. Its about suppression of thought.

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