Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Irrelevance Of 9/11, Continued

The Irrelevance Of 9/11, Continued

In the introduction to tonight’s Peter Gadiel article, I wrote “As I said in 2007, I now think there’s no point in writing anniversary reflections on 9/11—nothing changed; America’s elites didn’t really care; they all just got on with their various agendas. “

What did fat-ass Ratner do after 9-11? Got his fat, greasy hands on Liberty bonds for projects in Brooklyn- in other words, soaking taxpayers and profiting off a tragedy. He went on to insult firefighters by commissioning a statue of this famous scene:

but changed the racial composition of the firefighters (one black ,one "hispanic", one white, gee weren't the asians angry?). Why? Bruce Ratner is a global elitist, one bent on destroying the American middle class and 'native' populations of America - if he were in England or France, or any western country he and his ilk would be pulling the same thing.

As with Atlantic yards he has cleverly made use of race and ethnicity and the tensions associated with it, to line his own pockets. How does he do it, one might ask, doesn't his conscience bother him? If he had one, it might. Rootless global elitists are utterly lacking in that one feature that helps make up cohesive societies.

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