Friday, September 12, 2008

Bloomberg: Liar or Ignorant?

A more polite DDDB asks:

What Does Mayor Bloomberg Know About Atlantic Yards?

In the aftermath of yesterday's NY Times article with a number of bombshells including confirmation that Ratner is lobbying government officials for $100 million more in taxpayer subisides, Mayor Bloomberg was asked at a press conference if the city would provide that additional subsidy. The Mayor's response:
"The economics of building have changed -- they've gotten worse, not better. We desperately need to have development and that's a very big part of development in Brooklyn. I don't know that we have to put development money in, but we certainly will do everything we can to work with Ratner to get those buildings going. That's the future of this city. That's the jobs for your children. That's the taxes to pay our teachers, and police officers, and firefighters, today."
"I don't know if we have to put money in...", the Mayor said.


Hmm, Mayor Bloomberg worked at Solomon Brothers and made his billions creating a financial reporting system. Are we really to believe that he could be so ignorant of such a huge project that he even says is has a great impact on the city? I find that hard to believe. I think Mayor Bloomberg is lying and he knows his fellow elitists will help him out by overlooking the lie and in fact, passing it along as news.

Of course he might have told himself a self-deceptive 'lie' such as 'since it will be a net gain in tax revenue for the city, we really aren't putting money in' or some variation thereof. Either way, its still a bold faced lie.

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