Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mayor Slashes Budget Again, But Fat Still Remains...

As in fat-ass Bruce Ratner's pork - apparently the only thing immune to budget cuts- middle, working class New Yorkers will have to pay more for transit, while still paying the same tax rate, will suffer cut backs in city services, but billionaire Bruce Ratner's boondoggle is rolling in dough:

AY financing documents have been signed, city official confirms

A city official has finally confirmed that both the city and state have "executed and registered" financing documents regarding Atlantic Yards, and $55 million of public funds has been distributed. The exact nature of the deals had been in question, as Atlantic Yards Ombudsman Forrest Taylor in early January indicated they haven't been signed. (It may be, however, that more financing documents remain to be signed.)

Bloomberg then has the gaul to blame the state!

Mayor Bloomberg demands from city agencies $500M more in budget cuts

Seem unfair? Guess what, it is!

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